[INFOGRAPHIC] We Need More Solutions for Childhood Obesity – Here are the Stats

solutions for childhood obesity

solutions for childhood obesity

It’s alarming to think that surgeons can replace redundant organs with healthy functioning ones, doctors are able to cure life threatening diseases and even prevent some forms of cancer yet we’re still not able to find definitive solutions for childhood obesity.

According to KidsHealth.org, 1 in 3 children are considered overweight or obese in the United States and the number is rising year by year.

Preventing childhood obesity has become challenging in recent years due to adults leading busier lives and kids becoming less active with the likes of today’s modern technology. Instead of playing hop-scotch outdoors, kids would rather spend their time playing mine craft and socializing with their friends over the Internet.

Below, are two infographics created by SafeFood.eu. The first outlines childhood obesity facts and consequences and the second details actionable solutions to prevent children from becoming overweight.

Infogrphic by SafeFood.eu

childhood obesity infographic

Infogrphic by SafeFood.eusolutions for childhood obesity infographic

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