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18 Step Korean Skin Care Routine [Complete Guide]

So you’re pretty serious about adopting an intensive beauty regime. Perhaps all you do for your skin is wash it and bung on a moisturiser every now and then when you feel like it. Perhaps you’re entering your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or beyond and are conscious of the lack of love you give to your skin on a daily basis. So let’s take some beauty tips from a nationality of women who are renowned to have the most extensive beauty regime in the world…

There’s a reason Korean women have absolutely gorgeous looking skin, and it’s taking the west by storm. Now you can have stunning looking skin too.

There’s no two ways about it – this is a time consuming process with 8 steps in the morning and 10 at night, and quite frankly you may find during the routine you don’t even attempt to use a wet wipe to remove your make-up up after a heavy night on the sauce… but don’t worry, let’s be hopeful and arm you with the knowledge and step by step guide you desire.

Your skin will be sure to thank you!

So let’s make way for those glowing compliments shall we?

Morning Routine

Step 1. Wash your face with water:

If you’re just starting this routine or if you (accidentally) have yesterday’s makeup on then use a face wash that will clean your face thoroughly before starting step 2. Since you’ll now be going to bed with a super clean face you can resume the routine with water to remove the little amount of impurities transferred onto your face overnight.

Step 2. Toner:

Applying a toner will not only help the next product sink into to the lower levels of your skin, it will balance PH levels on the surface and provide some moisture aswell.

Step 3. Essence:

So now we have prepared the skin for absorption, it’s time to start layering – firstly with Essence. Similar to a serum or mistaken for a serum entirely, these watery liquids are highly concentrated with vitamins and minerals like regular serums and have tiny molecules which are perfect for sinking straight into the lower levels of your epidermis.

Step 4. Ampoule:

Also know as beauty boosters, these are similar to serums in active ingredients but give you a larger more concentrated dose of them. Only a few drops of this oily concoction are needed for an intense treatment. A great second layer for your routine.

Step 5. Serum:

With larger molecules to sit on top of essences and ampoules, this oily thick liquid is jam packed full of potent skin loving nutrients that give your face a truly deep nourishment and combat skin problems such dark circles and wrinkles.

Step 6. Eye cream:

A key step in keeping the thin layer of skin around the eyes in good condition as we don’t have any sebaceous glands here to produce natural oils for hydration. Invest in a good quality eye cream to keep those crows feet and dark circles at bay.

Step 7. Moisturizer:

Apply a thin layer of moisturizer to lock in all that goodness you’ve just fed your skin. You’ll get extra hydration and barrier against nasty environmental toxins.

Step 8. Sunscreen:

Sun damage is a well known factor in skin aging so applying a protector everyday means you’re really taking care of your skin. So don’t just rely on your foundation for any added SPF protection. Invest in an express fake tan or use a tanning moisturizer for a healthy glow if you need a bit of colour in your face.

Night Time Routine

Step 9. Oil-based cleanser:

Removed your make-up, waterproof or otherwise, with an oil based cleanser.

Step 10. Water-based cleanser:

Water-based cleanser will remove any oil residue from the last step. Even though normally there is no need to rinse off oil cleansers, the oil will create a barrier on the skin and prevent the next lot of products from seeping deep into your skin.

Step 11. Exfoliate:

To help products sink into the skin it’s important to use an exfoliator twice a week to unblock clogged pores and remove any dead skin.

Step 12. Toner:

Exactly like the morning routine, time to prepare to skin for the layering process.

Step 13. Essence:

Re-applying this deep nourishing serum keeps the lower skin cells hydrated all the time.

Step 14. Ampoule:

By applying this serum at night too you are giving your skin every chance to be as radiant as it can be.

Step 15. Serum:

A further injection of skin loving ingredients.

Step 16. Sheet mask or ‘sleep pack’:

Now this is a magical thing. Unlike a traditional hard-setting face mask we all know and love, the sheet mask is a wet cloth dripping with anti aging, deep nourishing and skin glowing ingredients. Leave on your face for a length of time to fully absorb the nutrients and do not wash off.

Step 17. Eye cream:

You washed your eye cream off remember…

Step 18. Moisturizer:

And finally, lock in all that goodness with a luxurious night cream that can work it’s magic while you slumber.

So there we are! Your 18 step by step guide to gaining beautiful, radiant skin. Why not give this a try and let us know just how much you love your skin after the first day.

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