5 Ways to Get More Oxygen to Your Brain and Boost Your Energy Levels

how to get more oxygen to your brainThe brain uses more oxygen than any other organ in our body to keep us conscious.

At times, we can often feel lethargic or struggle to concentrate for long periods of time. Many factors in our lives can be the cause of this downward spike in energy levels and quite often can be due to a lack of oxygen in the brain.

There are however, a number of ways we can get more oxygen to our brain for a number of benefits I’ve outlined below.

How to Get More Oxygen to Your Brain

When researching natural ways to boost energy, I found some great tips I was able to start using straight away.

Here’s my top 5 tips to increase the oxygen supply to the brain, boost your energy and your cognitive health.

Drink Water

We all know that drinking plenty of water is generally good for our overall health. It can also deliver enough oxygen to our brain to help wakefulness, boost our concentration and even make our brains work faster.

The University of East London and the University of Westminster conducted a study where participants reaction times were up to 14% faster after drinking water.

Take a Cold Shower

Did you know that taking a cold shower has many health benefits. One of those benefits is a rush of oxygen to the brain.

This is caused by rapid breathing. When our bodies are exposed to icy cold water, we naturally begin to take deep, fast breaths in an attempt to help warm us up. This fast and deep breathing increases our oxygen intake to the body and brain which can increase energy levels and even elevate your mood.

Chew Your Food

Have you ever wondered why you feel so tired after a big meal? One concept for this is due to our bodies needing extra oxygen to digest food, taking oxygen away from our brain and making us super sleepy.

One way to help us digest food is to chew our food properly. It’s recommended we chew our food 30 times before we swallow it. When the rest of our digestive system takes over, it won’t need to use as much oxygen from our brain. Another effective way to help this and all round benefit for our health is to eat little and often. Smaller meals are much easier to digest and put much less stress on the body.

Take Deep Breaths

Most adults breathe in and out between 12-20 times per minute. We take these breaths without thinking about them as the majority of these breaths are fairly shallow. Every minute or so we is when we notice our larger breaths. This happens when our body needs more oxygen and instruct us to take a deep breath.

We can give our brains a helping hand by consciously taking deeper breaths every so often. You might find it keeps you alert and energized throughout the day.

This has become a more conscious activity with the use of breathing and meditation apps. It’s a growing trend to practice deep breathing as it brings an array of health benefits and self awareness.


Feeling tired? What about any aches or pains?

You can kill two birds with one stone by doing some stretches. This will increase the blood flow and oxygen to the brain which also stretches out your muscles and joints leaving you feel more relaxed and less tight and achy. I like to lay down and stretch my entire body. This often causes a yawn which also surges an intake of oxygen.

What are Your Thoughts?

Were any of these tips helpful? Which ones will you try first?

Leave us a comment below which of these tips you’re excited to try or tell us any successful ways you get more oxygen to your brain.

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