Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Review 2017

sweet sweat premium waist trimmer review

sweet sweat premium waist trimmer review

Product Overview

Our Rating
  • Function
  • Durability
  • Looks
  • Sizing
  • Cost
  • Contoured fit which is incredibly flexible
  • XX large size to fit 58” waists
  • Premium neoprene for heat action and durability
  • Promotes circulation
  • 90 day full money back guarantee
  • Can roll up when exercising
  • Can develop a smell
  • Mainly for cardio rather than weight lifting or crunches
  • Can cause a sweat rash
Overall Verdict

A great workout companion for men and woman with promising results for decreasing waist size. Most users achieve greater results when utilized with the Sweet Sweat Gel and with prolonged use.

What is the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer

The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is a premium sweat belt for men and woman made from neoprene. It’s primary function is to be worn during exercise to increase the temperature of your core through convection heat, maximising the amount you sweat during your workout.

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Detailed Review

Here’s the detailed review of the Sweet Sweat Waist Training Belt.

Function 4/5

This neoprene belt is to be worn under clothing against the skin to promote convection heat and make your trunk seriously sweat. Users of the product have found quick results in as little as a week or after 5 or 6 uses, which has yielded a decrease in waist size in both men and women. Mainly water weight at first, but users have claimed a further decrease in weight with prolonged use. Some avid users have paired the product with the Sweet Sweat Gel (applied directly on skin under belt), designed to enhance the heat convection and maximise sweating. A small number of people have developed a rash from wearing the sweat belt, but there is a suggested wear time of 2 hours maximum due to the nature of the material and how it restricts airflow to the skin. You will need to wash your skin soon after use to keep your skin clean and dry to prevent a break out. The belt itself can smell over time so regular washing is advised also.

Durability 4/5

The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is thin enough for comfort, made from strong high quality neoprene (the same stuff wetsuits are made out of) but like all things, it wears out over time depending on how much you use it. The belt is held together on the body with a Velcro strap which is securely stitched, with prolonged use (and weight loss!) some customers have claimed the belt starts to lose its snug fit or shape.

Looks 5/5

A sleek black wrap around belt with either classic yellow or pink vinyl letters spelling the brand name. Thin enough to be worn under or over clothing which looks stylish and comfortable.

Sizing 4/5

Fitting waists from the 33” (Small) to those with 58” (XX Large) waists it’s a good indicator this product is universal and would suit most body shapes. A little on the big size if your waist is smaller than 33” so perhaps an X Small size is next on the cards for this brand, however my high star rating is for the XX Large size as other brands have struggled to meet this requirement for some customers. They used to have a one size fits all so Sweet Sweat have listened to their customers!

Cost 5/5

An incredibly affordable item considering the ad campaigning that’s gone into this product. It’s in keeping with its other competitors and Sweet Sweat are so confident you’ll love their product they offer full 90 day refund if you decide the belt is not for you.

18 Step Korean Skin Care Routine [Complete Guide]

korean skin care routine
korean skin care routine
[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px;”]S[/dropcap]o you’re pretty serious about adopting an intensive beauty regime. Perhaps all you do for your skin is wash it and bung on a moisturiser every now and then when you feel like it. Perhaps you’re entering your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or beyond and are conscious of the lack of love you give to your skin on a daily basis. So let’s take some beauty tips from a nationality of women who are renowned to have the most extensive beauty regime in the world…

There’s a reason Korean women have absolutely gorgeous looking skin, and it’s taking the west by storm. Now you can have stunning looking skin too.

There’s no two ways about it – this is a time consuming process with 8 steps in the morning and 10 at night, and quite frankly you may find during the routine you don’t even attempt to use a wet wipe to remove your make-up up after a heavy night on the sauce… but don’t worry, let’s be hopeful and arm you with the knowledge and step by step guide you desire.

Your skin will be sure to thank you!

So let’s make way for those glowing compliments shall we?

Morning Routine

Step 1. Wash your face with water:

If you’re just starting this routine or if you (accidentally) have yesterday’s makeup on then use a face wash that will clean your face thoroughly before starting step 2. Since you’ll now be going to bed with a super clean face you can resume the routine with water to remove the little amount of impurities transferred onto your face overnight.

Step 2. Toner:

Applying a toner will not only help the next product sink into to the lower levels of your skin, it will balance PH levels on the surface and provide some moisture aswell.

Step 3. Essence:

So now we have prepared the skin for absorption, it’s time to start layering – firstly with Essence. Similar to a serum or mistaken for a serum entirely, these watery liquids are highly concentrated with vitamins and minerals like regular serums and have tiny molecules which are perfect for sinking straight into the lower levels of your epidermis.

Step 4. Ampoule:

Also know as beauty boosters, these are similar to serums in active ingredients but give you a larger more concentrated dose of them. Only a few drops of this oily concoction are needed for an intense treatment. A great second layer for your routine.

Step 5. Serum:

With larger molecules to sit on top of essences and ampoules, this oily thick liquid is jam packed full of potent skin loving nutrients that give your face a truly deep nourishment and combat skin problems such dark circles and wrinkles.

Step 6. Eye cream:

A key step in keeping the thin layer of skin around the eyes in good condition as we don’t have any sebaceous glands here to produce natural oils for hydration. Invest in a good quality eye cream to keep those crows feet and dark circles at bay.

Step 7. Moisturizer:

Apply a thin layer of moisturizer to lock in all that goodness you’ve just fed your skin. You’ll get extra hydration and barrier against nasty environmental toxins.

Step 8. Sunscreen:

Sun damage is a well known factor in skin aging so applying a protector everyday means you’re really taking care of your skin. So don’t just rely on your foundation for any added SPF protection. Invest in an express fake tan or use a tanning moisturizer for a healthy glow if you need a bit of colour in your face.

Night Time Routine

Step 9. Oil-based cleanser:

Removed your make-up, waterproof or otherwise, with an oil based cleanser.

Step 10. Water-based cleanser:

Water-based cleanser will remove any oil residue from the last step. Even though normally there is no need to rinse off oil cleansers, the oil will create a barrier on the skin and prevent the next lot of products from seeping deep into your skin.

Step 11. Exfoliate:

To help products sink into the skin it’s important to use an exfoliator twice a week to unblock clogged pores and remove any dead skin.

Step 12. Toner:

Exactly like the morning routine, time to prepare to skin for the layering process.

Step 13. Essence:

Re-applying this deep nourishing serum keeps the lower skin cells hydrated all the time.

Step 14. Ampoule:

By applying this serum at night too you are giving your skin every chance to be as radiant as it can be.

Step 15. Serum:

A further injection of skin loving ingredients.

Step 16. Sheet mask or ‘sleep pack’:

Now this is a magical thing. Unlike a traditional hard-setting face mask we all know and love, the sheet mask is a wet cloth dripping with anti aging, deep nourishing and skin glowing ingredients. Leave on your face for a length of time to fully absorb the nutrients and do not wash off.

Step 17. Eye cream:

You washed your eye cream off remember…

Step 18. Moisturizer:

And finally, lock in all that goodness with a luxurious night cream that can work it’s magic while you slumber.

So there we are! Your 18 step by step guide to gaining beautiful, radiant skin. Why not give this a try and let us know just how much you love your skin after the first day.

17 Ways to Achieve Youthful, Radiant Skin With These Beauty Treatments

youthful radiant skin

youthful radiant skin
You only have one face and inevitably with time it’s going to lose it airs and graces and start aging. If you want to harness your youthful glow or turn the clocks back on some areas of your face , it’s time to start looking after it on a day to day basis and intensely treat your skin every now and then.

It’s important for us to feel good in our own skin and to really look after our body’s largest organ. Skin types differ from person to person, not only are there different pigmentation but the sebum (oil production), elasticity and sensitivity can all vary drastically, meaning the way we care for our skins needs to match. You wouldn’t use oily products on oily skin or leave you skin dry and cracked throughout the day.

Below you’ll find a quick and simple, no fuss guide on how to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant so you can unleash it onto the world… or the cat.

1. Exfoliators: These are creams or face washes which have tiny hard micro beads in them to rub away dead skin particles and stimulate the skin to promote new cell growth. This method leaves skin polished, smooth and silky. Exfoliating before self tanning is advised so the product does not cling to dead cells on the surface which can leave skin looking patchy. Exfoliating your skin can also prevent ingrowing hairs as it removes most of the top layer of your skin so hairs won’t get stuck under this layer. Too much exfoliating can be damaging as it can be quite abrasive so one to two times per week is advised.

2. Cleansers: Cleansers remove oil, dirt and make-up , usually used as a face wash or the product is removed with a warm wet hessian cloth to open pores and remove grime from deep down. Used at least once a day as part of a beauty regime, it makes way for other products to be easily absorbed into the skin.

3. Toners: Toners are used to firm the skin and tighten your pores so your skin looks healthier and younger.  Toners can be quite drying so it is important to pair your routine with a good quality night cream to inject some moisture back into your face. Again these can be used at least once per day.

4. Moisturizers: There’s a moisturizer for every skin type it seems, oil free and mattifying types for oily skin to extra hydrating lotions for skin that’s very dry.  It’s important to include a moisturizer into your routine so your skin is protected against external environmental factors such as pollution and the sun, since a lot of moisturizers have built in barriers to protect you against harmful environmental factors and lock in your other lotions and potions underneath. Well hydrated skin is a great base for makeup to be applied and self tan as the beauty products will set evenly.

5. Anti Aging Moisturizers: Hundreds of anti-aging moisturizers can be bought on the market which claim to turn back the clocks to a more youthful, radiant you.  Fighting skin problems such as blotchy redness, large pores, sagging skin, crow’s feet and wrinkles makes way for better looking skin which aim to shed years off your appearance.

6. Steam: Steam facials involve subjecting your face to hot steamy water sometimes infused with essential oils to relax you or treat your skin.  You pores open up and your skin is more accepting of any deeper nourishing treatments you may want to give straight after, such an intense moisturizer .  This is the best way to allow products to work deeper or you maybe happy with a straight steam treatment to feel extra clean.

7. Serums: Are often oily thick liquid is jam packed full of potent skin loving nutrients that give your face a truly deep nourishment. Whether you choose a day or night serum (or both) Put your serums on before your moisturizers to lock in the goodness.

8. Essence: Similar to a serum or mistaken for a serum entirely, these watery liquids are highly concentrated with vitamins and minerals like regular serums but suit some users more because of the texture. You could use an essence for your day wear and a thicker serum before you go to bed.

9. Face Masks: The ultimate must have product for a girly night in! These come in varieties of formats (creams or pre-structured marks with eye and mouth holes) colors, smells, flavors and functions. Some of them smell so good you could eat them. Designed to be layered on the face and left to harden, masks can nourish and inject moisture into your skin within minutes.  Some even draw out any blackheads and excess sebum around the T-zone refreshing your skin. Perfect for a night in painting your nails or having a relaxing bubble bath.

10. Make-up Removers: You’ll be surprised at how much dirt or makeup is left on your skin after using a wet wipe to clean your face. Makeup removers are designed to lift off even the most stubborn makeup (waterproof makeup and lip stains) and gives your face an ultimate clean feeling and can be used every time you want to remove make-up. Most removers are infused with moisturizers or cleansers so you’re not drying your skin out too much.

11. Acid Peels: Acid peels are self explanatory, this acidic liquid will intensely remove a layer of skin. Fights off pimples, wrinkles and blotchy red skin pigments and more so it’s great for an intense treatment which will start changing your skin. Even though you will be using a low acidic volume it is imperative to read the instructions and only leave acid peels on for the recommended time as your skin can start to sting and become sensitive. If you want to have a less intense treatment, apply it for less time and add a moisturizer to your skin after.

12. Buffer Brushes: Yes there are brushes for the face which polishes your skin leaving it silky smooth. These can either be sponges, handheld brushes or electrical devices with spinning, rotating head to remove make-up up, oil and dirt that claim to clean the skin better than manual exfoliation or cleansing. Use on average twice a week.

13. Acne Treatment: This ranges from topical creams, pills or medical treatments such as laser surgery, light surgery, and chemical peels. Either to combat the current pimples or to reduce the appearance of scarred tissue which is caused by damaging the lower level of your epidermis from pimple popping. It’s often a more extensive type of treatment which requires medical guidance if you need laser or light surgery.

14. Acupuncture: Tiny long needles are carefully and painlessly put into the layers of your skin. Some users of this method claim it reduces sebum, tightens pores, reduces redness and combats wrinkles as it promotes the skin to naturally reproduce collagen, our body’s own plumping agent which diminishes as we age. You will need to go back for regular treatments the time between sessions depend on the intensity needed. Results are apparent the next day.  Not for the faint hearted though!

15. Botox: Popularized by celebrities and A-Listers, this is the name given to one substance made from a neurotoxin that is injected in small doses into the desired area on the face to give an instant lift, pout or to combat wrinkles and aging skin. It is medically used to treat muscle conditions by blocking the nerve signals and temporarily paralyzing the muscle for some time,  and now it has entered the cosmetic surgery world to give women and men alike the confidence boost they desire. The neurotoxin is injected as a course over several months to maintain the results. Yes there are horror stories plastered across the media from time to time from allergic reactions to permanent damage because of miss-use or poor administration, but Botox can give you the desired effect you want and should always be given by a qualified doctor or plastic surgeon.

16. Derma Rollers: Similar to acupuncture, this is a hand-held roller device with tiny needles attached to the barrel that are rolled over, and allowed to penetrate the skin of the patient. By doing so your skin repairs the minor damage made from the needles and the medium layer of your skin starts reproducing collagen which has been lost through aging and causes the skin to sag or look old.  From this safe treatment (which can be used on wrinkles to stretch marks) your skin becomes more plump and rejuvenated without the risks associated with Botox or plastic surgery.  You can purchase home kit derma rollers or book yourself into a clinic for a more luxurious treatment.

17. Light and Laser Treatment: This type of treatment should only be carried out by professionals in a fully equipped spa. It involves intense light or laser beams to penetrate your skin to the required level to treat acne, acne scars, wrinkles, crows feet, rosacea, sagging skin to name a few. Consultations are treatment plans can only be worked out on an individual basis.


It’s always nice to book yourself into a spa and have a facial done by a professional, although with some of these methods you can bring the spa experience to your home for a much cheaper price. So now you’re a little more clued up in the world of facials.

Why not try one of the products or methods out!

How to Get a Toned Midsection – 10 Steps to Achieve Six Pack Abs

how to get a toned midsection

how to get a toned midsection

So you want six pack abs… Who doesn’t?

Having a well toned midsection to show off not only attracts the right kind of attention but boosts your confidence, well-being and gives you a stronger core.

Lets face it.

Everyone wants to look good! Below are some quick tips on how to define those muscles and reduce your tummy fat to make sure those washboard abs start peeking through. Best of all, you don’t have to spend your life in the gym or eat celery sticks to get them.

Music to your ears right?

Let’s start with the belly busters and then move onto the muscle makers.

1:  Avoid Eating While Watching the TV

A little habit we’re all guilty of.  Studies show that we are at risk of overeating if our brains are engaged in too many activities at once, and as we can be watching a movie or TV program on average between 45 minutes to 2 hours we aren’t giving our brains the chance to let us know we are full. So step away from the popcorn and invest in a dining table!

2: Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast!

It seems our parents were right all along. Breakfast is a very important meal of the day since our metabolism kicks into overdrive when we wake up and will continue to remain high if we feed ourselves. Depriving your body of this important meal only makes your stomach produce excess acids which make you ravenous for your next available meal, risking you to overeat or crave those naughty sugary, fatty foods. We’ve all caved!

3: Eat Regularly

So now that you’re eating breakfast (or something when you wake up) we need to keep our stomachs fed so they’re not guessing when the next meal will be. Little and often is the key here to help keep that metabolism working hard all day long which will promote your body to use stored fats for energy. Small pieces of food such as grapes and nuts are great snacks as you haven’t got the commitment of finishing off a larger piece of food for the sake of it.

4: Drink Plenty of Water

Yep, you guessed it, this has got to be the number one rule if you want to lose that stubborn tummy flab. Not only does hydrating your body make your brain more alert and focused, but just like eating, you body needs regular intakes and enough water each day to sustain cell renewal and digestion. We are made up of 99‰ water after all.  Drinking 8 glasses or 4 pints a day may come as a shock to your bladder so build yourself up slowly to the RDA. Then again, sitting on the loo keeps your head out of the fridge right!?

5: Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Glucose is addictive, it’s hard to cut down on because once consumed our brains release feel-good endorphins which we can’t seem to get enough of. This isn’t to say you have to throw out all those twinkies you bought on offer or replace all your sugar with sweeteners, treat yourself once in awhile with big calorific/sugar intake if you must and try to reduce your daily sugar consumption elsewhere like in tea and coffee.

6: Suck It In

Engage those core muscles when you are standing, walking, sitting or just when you remember. By tensing these muscles you are putting them under prolonged pressure which will gradually tone them up and define them.  You could even invest in an ab belt which stimulates the muscles to contract by sending little painless electronic shock waves to them.

7: Find a Workout That Suits You

I didn’t say this journey would be pain free..  But I can assure you an ab workout isn’t all about mundane floor crunches, in fact there are many other exercises which target your abdominals just as well which you might actually enjoy. Check out the full list here.

8: Get a Personal Trainer

This doesn’t necessarily mean stepping foot in a gym. There are plenty of motivational You Tubers to follow an exercise routine at home which work just as well. One of the benefits of going to the gym involve a bigger selection of equipment and someone who will shout in your ear to work harder. Someone guiding you is going to maximise your time effectively instead of you flopping around like a fish and wondering where those abs have got to.

9: Lift Weights

This will of course start toning other important muscles like you biceps, shoulder and quad muscles, yet doing a few sets of deadlifts and power presses to name a few will strengthen your back and core immensely. No nasty cardio involved.

10: Give Your Body a Break

It’s really important to respect those muscles you’re trying so hard to coax out.  If you’ve pushed yourself hard enough your muscles will need a few days to repair and strengthen so they’re ready for your next beating.  Remember to take some good quality supplements in tablet form or protein shakes to speed up your recovery time, and above all, sleep!

If you can adopt just some of these tips you really will start seeing a difference in your appearance in no time.  You could focus on the fat burning tips to begin with, since a hydrated body leads the way to a clear and focused mind that is more likely to agree to regular exercise, a well balanced menu and the will-power to get those abs!

How Do You Know if You Have Celiac Disease – 6 Signs & Symptoms

signs and symptoms of celiac disease

signs and symptoms of celiac disease

Celiac disease symptoms tend to be mixed up with the less popular condition called leaky gut symptoms, being that they are similar and brought on by almost the same systems. While the first is a genetic condition, the other is of unknown cause.

Celiac disease is a genetically motivated hypersensitivity to gluten in the dietary plan. Gluten is the principal protein within wheat, barley and rye. Celiac disease is also called gluten-sensitive enteropathy and sprue. The condition influences the tiny intestine lining, affecting its ability to soak up nutrients after digestion but, how do you know if you have Celiac Disease.

Celiac disease symptoms can be grouped into the ones which have an effect on the digestive tract yet others that are located outside the digestive tract. We’ve outlined these symptoms below to give you an idea if you’re suffering from the disease and what you can do to manage it.

How do You Know if You Have Celiac Disease

1. Weight Loss

Perhaps one of the most detailed celiac disease symptoms is weight damage extensively. People experiencing the problem have a lower appetite resulting in lack of weight. Because they’re struggling to absorb nutrients and nutrition, having less sufficient nutrition causes a catabolic point out which manifests by means of weight loss. Babies and small children will be identified as having celiac disease upon this basis than individuals.

2. Fatty and diarrhea Stools

The capability of the intestine to soak up nutrients including essential fatty acids is impaired in celiac sprue. This brings about undigested waste being expelled from the physical body more frequently, triggering diarrhea and increased excess fat in the stools. The problem is recognized as oily manifests and stools as smooth, pale and heavy stools that float and appearance oily.

3. Tummy ache and Bloating

Another outcome of the indegent absorption of nutrition and digested food is the upsurge in gas development within the intestines. This triggers a serious ache in the abdominal and a discomfort of feeling distended. There exists increased flatulence. Peristalsis of the tiny colon is also interrupted in celiac disease.

4. Skin rash

Typical of the condition and preparing it aside from others with similar medical symptoms like leaky gut symptoms is the event of a skin area allergy in 10% of patients. The allergy is itchy and creates blisters on the legs usually, elbows and buttocks.

5. Bone problems

Supplement D is one of the key nutrients that’s not properly ingested in sprue. As a total result, bones are fragile, brittle and malformed. Fractures are definitely more frequent in children with the problem. Supplement D and supplements must prevent this from taking place often.

6. Fatigue

Insufficient energy is the result of poor nutrient and nutrient absorption from the gut. This feature is common in every gastrointestinal problems including leaky gut syndrome and gluten intolerance. Anemia as a total result of iron deficiency further worsens the situation and brings about a chronic fatigue syndrome.

Many of these celiac disease symptoms are indicative however, not conclusive for a examination. It’s important that the right diagnosis be produced early on so that treatment can be started out and difficulties may be averted.


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